Terms and Conditions

The content of the mashaswim.com website is the property of Masha-m d.o.o., Celovška cesta 492,1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter Masha-m d.o.o.). By using the website, users accept the published general terms and conditions. Masha-m d.o.o. And users with general terms and conditions govern their mutual obligations when purchasing in the online store Mashaswim.com. The General Terms and Conditions have been drawn up in accordance with the applicable Slovenian legislation, Masha-m d.o.o. reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice, all changes to the general terms and conditions are binding on users.

1. Limitation of Liability

Masha-m d.o.o. It assumes no responsibility for any possible consequences of using the Mashaswim.com website and related content. Masha-m d.o.o. It reserves the right to change the online content of Mashaswim.com at any time without prior notice and assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such changes. Masha-m d.o.o. strives to present the most accurate and up-to-date information, but possible errors on Mashaswim.com regarding prices, delivery times, product descriptions, etc. does not exclude and assumes no liability or other liability for them. The buyer of goods from the Mashaswim.com online store has the right to return or complain about the goods on email address store@mashaswim.com . Photographs of items are symbolic and may not show the actual condition (colors, materials, etc.). In the online store Mashaswim.com, the purchase is intended only for individuals.

2. Limited right of use

Users of the Mashaswim.com website may use the site only for personal and non-commercial purposes. The content is copyrighted, any other use, copying, distribution, publication of the online content of Mashawim.com is without permission from Masha-m d.o.o. punishable. When making purchases in the online store Mashaswim.com, you undertake to be of legal age or You make the purchase with the knowledge of the administrators.

3. Privacy protection

The information provided by the user using the Mashaswim.com website or in any other way (via email) is confidential and is treated in accordance with Slovenian legislation. Personal data will be protected by Masha-m d.o.o. and it will prevent their abuse. Personal data will be used only for the purposes for which the user has given his consent. All purchases are archived in printed form at Masha-m d.o.o.

4. Disputes

All possible disputes that may arise during the use of the website www.mashaswim.com, between the buyer and the company Masha – m d.o.o., the parties will resolve amicably, as far as possible, thru the competent district court in Ljubljana.

5. Withdrawal from the contract

Firm name PRS Masha – m, proizvodnja in prodaja kopalk ter druge storitve, d.o.o.
Firm name PRS Masha – m d.o.o. .
Datum vpisa subjekta v sodni register 10.03.2015
Firm address Celovška cesta 492,1210 Ljubljana – Šentvid
Matična številka 6809219000
Davčna številka SI52060349
Davčni zavezanec Da
Pravno ogranizacijska oblika Družba z omejeno odgovornostjo
Srg. Okrožno sodišče Ljubljana
E- poštni naslov: store@mashaswim.com
Tel: 051603681

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