Garment Care

MASHA swimwear is made of high quality fabrics, but even though, they can be damaged if they are not taken care properly. We would advise you to consider following instructions to prolong the life of your swimwear.

  • Always rinse them under clear cold water after usage, with mild soap to remove suntan lotions, any tanning oils, chemicals, and chlorinated water. Just rinse them, do not leave them soaking.
  • Drip them dry, do not storage them till completely dry.
  • Avoid rough surfaces to prevent fabric damage.
  • Under longterm expose of direct sunlight, excessive usage of suntan lotions and oils elastics and fabrics can be damaged if not taken care properly.
  • Be careful with bra cups, make sure you storage your bra the right way do not fold them over, to prevent the damage on the bra cups.