In a place that speaks luxurious, stylish, classy, with impeccable sense of aesthetic. We saw Royal Golf resort Bled, as a perfect spot for escapism in our world.

We gathered together with faces from Media & PR and fashion bloggers, to chat about our latest collection BISOU. We always seek to find out, how others see our designs, how they would describe our brand, which words would they choose.

Our collections trademark is rich colour palette, we tell our story thru it, we get inspired by and we choose colours one by one.

We asked them how they see, which words would they use to describe MASHA women. Feminine and confident is how they pictured a women wearing our bikinis, with impeccable sense of style, a women that is emotional deep and likes to tell her story in her own words, she loves all things luxurious and has attention for details.

Next theme was, where would they see MASHA women, what would here favourite spots be? They would see her chasing the sun in Italy, South of France, on the list amongst her favourites would be Ibiza, you could catch her chilling at elegant beach clubs on Mykonos, she would spent her time at iconic Amalfi coast.

And then we discuss how would they see her spending her summer days ? What would be the must have list of MASHA women.

She would spend her laid back summer days in bikinis which she would perfectly combine with wrap up skirts, flowing high waist wide leg pants, made of satin, silk, metallic jersey, to top it all off with gorgeous collection of headbands and hats, that way she can wear bikinis all day long, going from taning on the beach, sipping her favourite cocktails at elegant beach clubs.

She loves music and has rich imagination, so another item on her must have list is a dope playlist of house music which she would listen to from luxurious retro Marshall speaker while chilling at the poolside. To make all the colours from MASHA’s Bisou collection pop, her sun taning bronzers and oils to get that perfect summer glow whilst reading her summer read list, would be another thing packed in her suitcase. She loves her image to be complete so she won’t miss out on chic and iconic sunglasess, also she would have a collection of classic footwear in nudes colours to pair it perfectly with her outfit. 

Our event where we presented an exclusive launch of BISOU SS2020 collection was perfect,  

we chit chat about the MASHA’s brand vision, latest collection, what inspires us, our future plans and goals, how MASHA woman looks like, what she loves, what she desires. 

You to can enter into MASHA’s world, pick your favourite bikini, and wear it with confidence. Be a part of our story and write your own. 


MASHA swimwear